Babywearing, Keeping Your Baby Close

It's important to keep your babe close, especially during the first six months of life. This is the time period when the essential bonding and attachment between the baby and their parents happen. 

Babywearing is the practice of wearing your babe in a sling or another form of a carrier across your chest.  It has been embraced around the world by families of all cultures for centuries.  Babywearing allows the baby to be held substantially more throughout the day thus reducing crying significantly.  It leads to a more intimate parental bond with the baby and the baby is calmer and more relaxed.

I had always wanted to be a babywearer. While expecting my son, I diligently did my research and read reviews by other moms. I really liked  the ease of use of the sling and just knowing my own personal style, I decided that the Dr. Sears Balboa Baby Sling was for me.  And it was a great choice!  I really loved it from day one and so did my babe.  It is very user friendly and super comfortable.

The sling is so great for letting the baby sleep, nurse, and go with you anywhere without being disturbed.  My husband even got in on the action and would hold the baby in the sling while he was watching television or reading and the baby slept right on his chest undisturbed. When my babe was very little I needed to use one hand to support his head and neck.  Once your babe's neck muscles are stronger this isn't an issue at all. The baby can sit up comfortably and you can freely use both hands to complete tasks.  This sling is so easy to use, very versatile and it folds up to fit compactly into your bag so you can always have it with you.

My next carrier purchase was a Baby Bjorn.  I was very resistant to buying this type of carrier at first.  It  didn't look like the baby would be comfortable. But he was and really enjoyed being held in this carrier. It's like we were hugging all the time!  The Baby Bjorn is adjustable to fit almost any body type and has a head support for small babies which keeps your two hands free. When your babe is a little bit older and has stronger neck support, you can fold down the neck rest and face them forward so they can look around. The babes really love the adults point of view from being carried this way. Overall it's very comfortable and the straps evenly distribute the weight of the baby on your shoulders and back.  My husband enjoyed using this one too!

The type of babywearing gear you choose will depend on your personal style and the types of activities that you want to enjoy with baby in tow.  There are so many great options available!

What are your favorite baby carriers and why?  I'm in the market now for a backpack style carrier.  Any suggestions?


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