About Me

My friends call me Shells. I am very happily married to a wonderful man. We live in Florida with our son & daughter and two big black dogs.

Our son was born March of 2011. He is such a joy and watching him grow and learn has truly been one of life's greatest pleasures. We were blessed with our daughter a couple years later.  This little bundle of love arrived the end of May, 2013. Such a spirited young lady!

We are a very eco-friendly family and have been for many years.  We enjoy using green cleaning products and natural remedies for our family and dogs.  We recycle, donate, compost, and are very selective about the products we purchase and items we bring into our lives. I have found that the simplier we make our lives the happier we all are.

I graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Psychology. I worked many years at an art museum and in the hospitality industry. I have a love for them both.  Shortly after our daughter was born I began a career in real estate. I couldn't be more thrilled! A couple years later my husband and I became a real estate team....it's been great for the family! Check us out at http://www.teamsnyderrealty.com/

I like for things to be clean and organized. Some people think I enjoy cleaning. Sometimes I do but what I really enjoy is everything being clean. I do LOVE to organize absolutely everything. From the kitchen cabinets, to the sock drawers, to the digital photo albums on my computer. I'm always looking for great ideas and better ways to to keep our lives organized.

I started this site for my children.  I love them. My husband's mother went to be with the Lord when he was 12 years old. It seems like yesterday when we talk about his mother. She was a wonderful person and taught the family many great things. My husband wished he had some of her favorite recipes and could remember all of her lessons and sayings. This was the inspiration for starting a 'mom blog'.

Me with Baby J and the Hubs

Jamie, Reagan and Skipper enjoying a run on the beach!

About our dogs...Jamie is 16 years old and best guess a shepherd mix. My husband found her on a golf course in the middle of nowhere. We know she was homeless for at least six weeks before we took her in because the girls at the club had been feeding her for that long. She was in dire condition when she came to live with us but quickly recovered and gained 14 pounds in as many days. The vet guessed that she was about six months old at the time. So she was assigned the birthday March 4, 2000. Everyone needs a birthday.

Our sweet girl Jamie

Reagan was our second oldest dog. This handsome guy is a shar pei/labish mix that went to be with our Lord when he was 14 years old.  An awesome guy, great trainer for Skipper and forever the greatest friend and companion.

Reagan's history:
He hasn't known a bad day in his life! I was at the dog beach with Jamie and began talking to a lady with the most adorable puppy. She told me that pup had two brothers from an unwanted litter that still needed homes. Days later we met Reagan at that same beach. What a happy guy! His biological mom was a full black shar pei named Mrs. Wrinkles that got loose and hooked up with the neighborhood player. The children that had been taking care of him had named him 'Teddy' because he was so snuggly and told me that he was born six months after 911.

Big lovable Reagan

Skipper is the youngest canine at our home. He was born in September of 2009. I was looking through the Humane Society's website and noticed they had an unusual amount of black puppies up for adoption from several litters. The next day I was teaching an art class and asked my students if I should get another dog even though I already had two. The overwhelming verdict was yes. So after class I headed over to the Humane Society and there was Skipper. Cute as can be. His orginal name was 'Eric'. He and all of his siblings were all named after the cast of 'That 70's Show'.

The day we met Skipper...so adorable!

Thank you for taking the time to visit with me and get to know my family!