Gallery Style Book Display for Children

Gallery Style Book Display for Children

This was a really great project the Hubs and I worked on together to 
encourage our son's love of books and to satisfy my desire to organize.
We decided to use the space behind the door to
 wall mount shelves for a gallery style book display.

Gallery Style Book Display in a Small Space

As you can see from the above photo, we attached the shelves to the wall
behind the door in a space that would otherwise be unused.
Gallery Style Book Display Behind Door
The space from behind the door to the wall is eight inches. 
There's not much room for anything else but items secured to the wall. 

Book Display Behind Door
 The white wall mounted shelves are from Ikea and the Hubs used wall anchors
that would hold up to 70 lbs just in case our babe wanted to climb up the shelves. 
He immediately climbed them but they held up fine.
 The two display shelves at the top with the scroll brackets are from Target.

Children's Book Display Gallery Style
 All the books on the bottom three shelves are board style books
that our son can grab and play with whenever he desires. 
We put the books with paper pages out of  his reach on the higher shelves for now.

The book display makes it easy for our son to select and put away books when he's finished. 


Thank you for taking the time to visit with us and check out our book display! 

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