An Ode To My Dishwasher

I’ve dreamed and longed for you for many years
Losing some cabinets and some drawers were my main fears
Where to place all of that stuff
Two drawers and two cabinets just aren’t enough

Had I known it was so easy to stow
With an added sideboard, shelves both high and low
We have a place, a special home
So all of our kitchen items don’t need to show

You came with a friend
Who grinds to no end
Never complains, never whines
Just chops that food up super fine

I love you dishwasher sister
And I love your garbage disposal brother
You clean like a twister
And he composts like no other

You are smart, quiet and gentle as can be
You leave my dishes clean and my evenings free
Always a lady, you never leave a streak
A cleaner, a worker, you’re such a super freak

You let me go to sleep
Finish my dishes and just give me a beep
Aretha my friend, my new kitchen toy
You bring me happiness and such great joy


About: My husband and I just recently added a dishwasher and garbage disposal to our 1928 Florida bungalow. We had to hire a contractor to install both because it was a first for this home. So our already small kitchen lost our two main drawers for silverware and utensils and the two main cabinets. We purchased a sideboard to take up the extra slack from losing these essential storage areas. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

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