The Farmers' Market, Locally Grown Goodness

photo by Avlxyz

I really enjoy going to the farmers' market.  Sometimes I linger around a little longer than necessary with my son.  We walk around and I point to and name all the fresh fruits and vegetables.  

We are fortunate to have several farmers' markets within a few miles from our home.  The Local Harvest website is a good resource for locating farmers' markets in your area.  Just put in your zip code and they provide a list of markets near your location.

photo by Natalie Maynor

We always come home with a bit more than what was on the shopping list. But at these prices it's well worth it. Sometimes I feel like I've robbed the place when I leave.  For what I pay for one tomato at the grocery store, I can usually get three or four for the same price at the farmers' market.

The chart below is a good resource for planning your shopping trips to know when is the best time of year to buy which fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Do you visit farmers' markets on a regular basis?